AgroApps: Evolving from a start-up to a well-established SME

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AgroApps was established in 2015 with the vision to bring technology closer to the agricultural sector and provide sustainable tools that support modern farming. The company was founded by Machi Simeonidou-Agronomist, Vangelis Kosmidis-Environmental Consultant and Stavros Tekes-Software Engineer. Machi grew up on a rural area, where farming was the main way to make ends meet, so she has a deep connection to the land and a deep understanding of the agricultural sector needs.

Vangelis is expert in environmental ICT and green policy issues, while Stavros possesses a wealth of experience in researching, designing & developing large scale ICT systems. Working together for many years in different projects, the team of three saw the growing need of the agricultural sector for technological support and for effective forward-thinking IT solutions.

The idea was clear from the very beginning: AgroApps would leverage its expertise to build ICT tools that help farmers and other industry stakeholders understand the fields in ways that were not possible before.

A little something about AgroApps…

Passionate about applying ICT, AgroApps uses and combines sophisticated mathematical models, machine learning technologies, satellite and meteorological data, and crop development models, to build solutions and customized services for farmers, agricultural consultants, agri-food and agricultural insurance companies, as well as for the public sector worldwide. Today the company has developed a set of IT solutions that address real life challenges touching upon the benefits of sustainable agriculture and the complex farm management decision-making process.

The evolution & the investment of SPACE Hellas SA…

Since 2015, AgroApps went through a number of phases evolving from a startup to a well-established SME. Over those five years, the company has accomplished a number of wins and achievements, such as the establishment of important collaborations in Greece and abroad, the participation in multiple research programs, as well as the obtaining of important distinctions.

In 2018, AgroApps was selected as one of the three finalists of the Copernicus Masters Competition (Airbus Challenge) of the European Commission, while, in 2019 the company won the 1st place in the frame of STARTUPS D.DAY organized within the Digital Economy Forum by the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications. Recently, SPACE HELLAS SA invested in AgroApps acquiring the 35% of the company’s existing corporate shares and the two companies announced their strategic collaboration that will bring new advanced solutions to the market aiming to transform the agricultural sector and support the digital transformation of agriculture.

AgroApps set of services for the agricultural sector…

Solutions for crop management: AgroApps solutions enable farmers, agricultural consultants and companies to monitor their fields remotely, while allowing them access to a number of services that cover all the activities in the farm and help them make reliable and data-driven decisions, in order to take care and protect their crops.

Solutions for water management: Aswater resource management is one of the world’s greatest challenges, AgroApps has developed solutionsthatempower public agencies and authorities to optimise water monitoring and management and plan suitable strategies for managing water resources more effectively.

Weather Forecast & Climate Information Management Services: AgroApps processes and translates huge volumes of data into simple and comprehensible information providing high resolution weather forecasts and climate information adapted to the special needs of farmers, agri-businesses or agricultural cooperatives. Having a diverse pool of experts, AgoApps also supports enterprises, public organizations, as well as producers providing consultation concerning the management of climate and meteorological information and their adaptation to climate change.

Remote Sensing Services: As technology has been evolving, AgroApps leverages combines agricultural and scientific knowledge and leverages satellite and meteorological data, to develop groundbreaking solutions that support the effective implementation of CAP, the remote monitoring and control of organic crops, as well as the design of competitive services for the Agricultural Insurance sector companies.

AgroApps team…

AgroApps team consists of enthusiastic specialists and experienced professionals. Combining a diverse set of academic backgrounds and skills, all the members share something very common: They are all technology and agriculture lovers and enjoy working! Agroeconomists, Web Developers and Numerical Model Experts, Marketing Consultants, they all operate based on their need to shape a sustainable agricultural world and make a difference in today’s farming. You will often find them discussing and interacting with other agricultural and IT enthusiasts, or working to transform their new big idea into a successful and efficient solution. 

Find out more about the people behind AgroApps

Machi Simeonidou, Founder
Machi is a Business Development Manager with over 10 years of experience in business strategy, corporation management and operational improvement under her belt.

As an Agroeconomist, passionate about agricultural technologies, in 2016, together with a team of experts she co-founded Agroapps, a company dedicated to the provision of sustainable solutions that help modern farming and agriculture. After obtaining her PhD in Agroeconomy from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she got involved in building the organics ecosystem in Northern Greece, acting as the founding director of the Organic Products Cluster.

During this period, she managed a broad portfolio of European projects and established a strong brand name for the Cluster and its members in international markets. Then she was appointed as special advisor to the CEO of MEVGAL, the largest dairy company of Northern Greece, responsible for the delivery of large scale internal and external projects. 

Over the last 12 years she has managed projects of 20 mEUR and developed stellar teams and effective networks in the domains of agrifood and sustainable development. She is always keen to discuss the next great idea and even keener to move quickly from discussion to implementation…


Evangelos Kosmidis, Founder
Evagelos is a PhD graduate from the physics Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and he is an expert in environmental informatics and consultation, as well as in environmental policy issues.

He has experience in Information and Communication Technologies, remote sensing and content management in networking environments through his involvement and participation in numerous European and national projects.

He has designed decision support systems for environmental management as well as for environmental compliance for public bodies, research organizations and private companies. He has participated in many technical annexes, scientific projects and he has more than 30 papers in scientific review magazines and conferences.


Stavros Tekes, Founder
Stavros is a Technical Leader with more than 15 years of experience working with diverse companies, both Startups and Corporations.  He is a co-founder and the Chief Technical Officer of Agroapps PC, a company based in Greece, dedicated to providing sustainable ICT solutions that help modern farming and agriculture.

He holds an Electronic and ICT engineering degree and an MSc in Advanced Informatics while he has wealth of experience in software engineering, web/mobile development, ICT integration projects, and teaching-training activities under his belt.

During all these years he has participated as a technical coordinator in more than 10 international R&D projects aiming to create ICT solutions both for the agricultural and the environmental sectors. Possessing excellent knowledge of system architecture, data modelling techniques and software development environments.