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#AskTheCEO Lazaros Tsiorlakidis
Managing Director, Altair Engineering Hellenic
Chief of Technology & Technical Director of East Europe, Altair Engineering

Altair is a company that is active in many sectors, staying in the start-ups where we started, such as aeronautics and the automotive industry. At the same time as a leading hi-tech company we continue to see new ideas except engineering. So we continue our vision of constantly working in other areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Intelligent, Internet of Things etc.

What was the path you took to get to where you are today? What is the story behind your company?

Hard work and smart moves, the decision to grow into new areas was perhaps the most critical but has maintained a great deal of growth.

Why… Thessaloniki?

Because for many years we have been seeing young engineers with good expertise in gaining positions in big companies in the field, so we understand that universities are developing very good students. Also, because of the Brain drain Greece became known for the level of its scientists. So we would like to keep them in their country.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year and what are your future goals?

Greater development, transferring new sectors to Greece and generally supporting new ideas.

How do you assure that the company is ready to meet future challenges like changing demands and technology ?

We are constantly investing in new ideas, innovative systems and topics that will be of interest to society in the future. We are also recruiting new people to learn new ideas and new ways of thinking.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome while choosing to stay in Greece?

The banking system, taxation and volatility on issues that are dependent on each political scene change.

From an employees perspective, what makes your company a unique place to work?

Freedom, trust in the employee and no policy that affects their lives!

Brain Drain vs Brain Gain… Give us three reasons why a tech oriented employee should stay and work in Thessaloniki or come back after gaining some experience working abroad.

Firstly, work is now global, you can live here and work for a company in Japan, there is no need to move away from friends and family. Secondly, Greece offers good infrastructure and services at a relatively good price. Finally, there is a good pool of staff and knowledge.

Give us three reasons why a TECH company should choose Thessaloniki as a new TECHstination for opening its next branch.

At first, they will find a good level of employees. Secondly, the Greek scientist is responsible and will want to increase his knowledge. Finally, in Greece they will have the advantage of the time difference with Europe, while at the same time we are not far from Asia and the US.

Tell us something -that in your own opinion- we don’t already know about the TECH community in Thessaloniki.

Greece has a good enough base to set up new TECH companies, this has been shown by several startups such as Fieldscale, Apiron etc. These companies are a good example not only of the technological level but also that the young people have started collaborating with each other as well as make use of outside information on the operation and development of TECH companies.


Lazaros Tsioraklidis has been dealing with simulation technology since the mid-90s, with studies in Aeronautics and specializing in Aerodynamic analysis has collaborated with major European and American industries and research departments, in the past has developed several scientific teams culminating in the creation of the Greek department of Altair Engineering in 2012. Responsible for the development of various technologies that rest in Altair laboratories for use by companies around the world.