University of Macedonia: The innovative Robotics Academy

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The UoM Robotics Academy was founded in the vision to transfer the results of international research and emerging Robotics programs to society. The ultimate goals concern the Social Robotics and the Educational Robotics. In specific, for the field of social robotics to increase the applicability of robots in cases like companion and emotional attachment for individual support, tools for interventions at Special needs, services in the sector of Health, inclusion and support for elderly, etc. and for the field of Educational Robotics to acquire learning in an experiential and playful way and inspire everlasting love for learning.

Our story

The Robotics Academy started as a program at the Educational and Social Policy Department, University of Macedonia. After 15 years practicing of its members in delivering activities in schools, museums, informal education, entertainment venues and research institutions in Greece and abroad, UoM Robotics Academy acquired its legal status on September 2015.

As a recipient of proposals and ideas from organizations and individuals interested in integrating research findings in educational tools and based on the experience acquired in developing training and educational tools over the years, the Robotics Academy was created to combine learning with play, to transform education in a constructive explorative playful process.

Social Robotics

Our expertise on the multifactorial and cross-disciplinary nature of designing and developing social robots applications, coming from our academic and applied research record in the field, combined with our experience with actual prototypes in pilot or large-scale applications guides our efforts in the Educational and the Social Robotics.

Available products/services:

Daisy robot

The social robot, integrated method and applications aiming to assist children that face difficulties in communication and cooperation due to social skills and language deficiencies, such as Autism, ADHD, etc.
Phase: completion of long-term scientific research and pilot implementations.
Health and Wellness

Method ARRoW

A method consisting of progressive concrete steps for efficient exploitation of Socially Assistive Robots in interventions for developing social and communicational skills in cases of children in the Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Phase: completion of long-term scientific research and pilot implementations. Announced to scientific conferences and journals.

Ace robot

The first (to our knowledge) social robot destined for education, not as a tool, but as a social companion in the classroom and at home, aiming at motivating the student, rather than tutoring. 2000 such robots will be delivered to students all over Europe.

Customized applications

Development of social robot applications for specific context together with the development of the corresponded specialized content for the support of Human-Robot interaction, suitable for commercially available robots (e.g. NAO Aldebaran), based on our expertise, transforming social robots from gadgets to tools, as a response to the market failures of social robots

Educational Robotics

The Robotics’ Academy long experience in educational robotics in conjunction with the work of universities and research institutes in this field has resulted in adapting a holistic pedagogical approach allowing for differentiated instruction and inclusive education. Each module is approached with the appropriate methodology to respond to students’ needs and interests and to encourage them to acquire knowledge, competencies, attitudes and values through an exploratory journey to science learning.

Educational processes
The Robotics Academy implements innovative methodologies aiming at the acquisition of knowledge through discovery and collaboration. All courses are pedagogically oriented and based on contemporary teaching methods, such as Project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, problem-solving approaches, collaborative teaching and gamification.


All instructors are holders of academic degrees and have a profound pedagogical knowledge. The team of instructors at the Robotics Academy consists of university professors, holders of PhDs, PhD candidates, postgraduate students and of a remarkable support team of scientifically qualified professionals.

Services – products

Robotics Academy Online

A complete solution (educational material, implementation method, tutorials to trainers, online platform, management, and support). Supports direct implementation of Robotic and STEM programs both in schools and non-formal institutions (Science centers, museums, etc.).

  • Run your Robotics program now
  • Ready to use and implement – no need for other material
  • Long term complete curriculum at Educational Robotics (more than 6 years of classes)
  • Multidisciplinary, inquiry learning, real problems, authentic education
  • Full educator/trainer support

Industrial Robotics – training and vocational programs

Bridging the gap from Education to Industry.
Fast track training on Industrial Robotics use and exploitation Courses for:

  • C level business executives (Robotics in Industry 4.0)
  • Programmers
  • Implementation engineers
  • Service engineers

Awards – Distinctions

-Technology Enhanced Learning TellUS Awards 2015, 1 st place, Paris, France, 2015.
-International Design Awards 2017, category: Education-Self learning devices, Bronze winner. Los Angeles, CA, USA , 2017.
-Education Leaders Awards, category: Digital Education, Gold winner, Athens , Greece, 2018.
-The research proposal with the acronym STIMEY was rated excellent and ranked number one among 207 proposals across Europe under the relative call of EU’s HORIZON 2020 program.
– Robotic’s Academy teams in educational robotics competitions many times has been ranked first in national competitions and have participated in international competitions (WRO, FLL, etc.)