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#AskTheCEO Konstantinos Stroumpakis
Founder & CEO, Apifon

Apifon is a technology company that helps businesses communicate with their customers, offering  business messaging & mobile marketing services. Through the Apifon platform, companies can use multiple communication channels and easily launch campaigns via SMS, Viber and Email. These solutions supporting marketing and sales, provide businesses the flexibility of automating the customer acquisition process , while designing attractive landing pages for potential new customers, without any programming knowledge.

Why Thessaloniki?

The answer  is simple “Because it is… Thessaloniki!” It is not only the city where I was born, but it has also become the birthplace of both our company and its core executive team – a city we have chosen to live , work, create, and eventually flourish.

How do you ensure that the company is ready to face future challenges such as the ever-changing business needs and technology?

Keeping alive the spark that makes a team perform well, requires effort, perseverance and dedication to the mission and vision of the company. During the lockdown, – the most recent challenge we all had to face – was to ensure business continuity giving “voice” to many companies who were shut down, so that they would not stop communicating with their own customers. For me personally, this is the kind of challenge that gives me the reassurance that my team is strong and capable enough to face any new challenge.

Brain Drain or Brain Gain… Mention three reasons why a young person should stay in Greece or return from abroad after having gained experience.

Most Greeks who move abroad, decide to do so because Greece can’t offer them a thriving workplace environment , the financial compensation and often the appreciation and development that life abroad can provide. Luckily, some of these elements have significantly improved in Greece during the last few years, with many innovative and progressive businesses standing out not only for their products and services, but also for their employee policies. So, I would like to encourage young people who want to enter our city’s labor market, to look out for these “next door” companies, to gauge the high quality of life offered in  our city.

Name the main reasons why a technology company could choose Thessaloniki as its next or main base of activity.

Thessaloniki is a large Southern European city  featuring many highly acclaimed educational institutions, schools, research centers and startup hubs and incubators, as well as young people’s talent pools, all of which serve as the main drivers of growth.

Konstantinos, recognized for taking risks and driving for results while learning from failures, has been the trailblazer keeping apifon, the tech company he founded in 2014, at the cutting edge. Every day Apifon sends more than 1.5 million messages on behalf of customers such as Viber, IBM, EasyGroup, AB Vasilopoulos (member of Ahold Delhaize), Loreal, Oriflame, IKEA, Eurobank, Alphabank and others. Having made the 40 under 40 Fortune list for 3 years in a row, he has been recognized as one of the most promising and visionary young CEOs in Greece having managed to close deals with two of the world’s largest tech giants: Google and IBM. A self-taught, passionate programmer who started coding at 14, he started his first web project a year later. His secret sauce is tenacious determination combined with the motto “dream bigger, go bigger” which has placed his company among the top performers in the messaging platform space.