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AidPlex is a MedTech Startup based in Thessaloniki, Greece, aiming at disrupting the Orthopedics field, by offering patients a better treatment experience. By the end of next month, AidPlex will be incorporated in the US.

For the past two years, AidPlex has raised a total of 150,000€ non-dilutive funding from 2 European Commission’s Grants & several startup competitions (MIT Enterprise Forum Greece and many other national competitions). In the next months, a new funding round will be announced from private investors.

Until now, AidPlex has developed two patent-pending medical devices, which are projected to enter the EU market by 2021.

AidPlex Products

AidPlex is tackling the problem of scoliosis by offering a patent-pending scoliosis management system consisting of a smart wearable device for real-time monitoring of patients’ compliance, a gamified mobile app for patients, and a web platform for clinicians. AIdPlex’s patient-centered approach gives patients the ability to track their own progress, understand the importance of their treatment, and introduces real-time data to clinicians about scoliosis patients’ pathway.

AidPlex has also developed a thermoplastic splint for fracture treatment, made from eco-friendly materials.

AidPlex Splint is a pre-cut and ready-to-use solution for clinicians. The designs are coupled with comfort (splints are waterproof and lightweight) and effectiveness providing also an improved treatment experience for patients.

Covid-19 Response Greece Initiative

We provided solutions to overcome the crucial challenges that were posed in Greece during the pandemic.

After detailed research in coordination with the team, we managed to design 2 types of face shields. In addition, we ensured their mass production in case of demand. Later, after some improvements that resulted from the research by our volunteers, we were ready to distribute them in order to handle the needs that constantly were arising.

The above figure shows the contribution of COVID-19 Response Greece to the distribution of protective shields throughout the country. During this initiative, we were collecting numerous delivery orders daily. The team managed to deliver more than 50.000 face shields across Greece. 

Next Steps

In 2021, AidPlex aims to raise 230,000€ for product-market launch & acquisition of its first paying customers. Already 5 angel investors have a cornerstone investment of a total of 80,000€.

For ScolioSense, AidPlex aims to run a clinical trial to prove the effectiveness of the solution and gather specific clinical data. After acquiring the CE mark, the selling process will start. The US market is the main focus of AidPlex’s strategy, so after the clinical study, FDA approval’s requirements will be examined.

AidPlex Splints are ready for market entry. As Covid-19 restrictions will decline, the sales process will start, by approaching big distributors in Greece and Cyprus.

Brief Timeline with Important Milestones

  • Winners of 7 Competitions: MIT Enterprise Forum Greece, 1 EU & 6 other national innovation competitions
  • Honored by the President of the Hellenic Republic for leading the “Covid-19 Response Greece” initiative
  • First product (Splint) is ready for market launch, targeting EU5 & US, starting from Greece and Cyprus as test markets
  • CE mark files for Splint have been prepared and are ready for submission
  • Full patent (US20200009288A1) & PCT application (WO2020008253A1) has been filed to the USPTO, WIPO & EPO (Splint for fractures)
  • Robust pipeline of products to enter the much larger scoliosis market with relevant patents to follow
  • A provisional patent has been filed to the USPTO (Wearable for Scoliosis)
  • First pilot test for the second product (wearable for scoliosis) has been completed

Meet the AidPlex Founders


Harry Yeremtzes and Dimitris Moustakas founded AidPlex in 2018 in Thessaloniki, after their first meetup in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in Xanthi. From the first day, their mission was to provide patients with the best patient-centered solutions to their problems.

AidPlex started at the end of 2017, by winning Startup Weekend Kavalas. After this award, Harry and Dimitri moved to Thessaloniki and participated at OK!Thess Incubator, to validate their idea and examine if this idea could become a sustainable business. After six months, AidPlex incorporated and started its operations in Thessaloniki. In 2019 the 2 founders traveled to the US, Israel, and many EU countries to explore funding opportunities,  meet advisors, and identify Key Opinion Leaders in Orthopedics.

By the end of 2019, AidPlex has secured 120,000€ in equity-free funding, from 2 European Commission grants. AidPlex managed to grow its team to 5 full-time working engineers, 3 well-experienced business advisors, 1 Key Opinion Leader in Orthopedics, its portfolio of patents & products. In 2020, during the first lockdown, AidPlex’s team offered its volunteer work creating an impact across Greece.

In the next few weeks, AidPlex will be incorporated in the US and will finish the ongoing angel funding round to reach its new goals.

AidPlex core team

Harry Yeremtzes is the CEO of AidPlex and he is an Electrical & Computer Engineer. He concluded his diploma thesis “ Unmanned air vehicle development for health services provision”. He is an analytical thinker with a passion for innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. Having failed in his first venture “TurnIt” a wearable device for bikers, at AidPlex he is now trying to change patients’ lives by providing patient-centered solutions.

Dimitris Moustakas is the COO of AidPlex, having a background in electrical & computer engineering. In 2017, he launched a mobile app, Deal o’clock, which offered deals to the citizens of Xanthi. He is passionate about how technology interacts with humans on a daily basis. Impact creation is the primary value of selecting problems to solve. 

Konstantinos Paraskevas hardware & software engineer. He studied Information and Communication Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean. He is passionate about 3D printing, PCB designing, and prototyping.

Tasos Anastasiadis full-stack dev/ software engineer. Tasos is a graduate Software Engineer with industry experience building web applications. He is specialized in C# and has professional experience working with ASP.NET, ASP.NET CORE, and Xamarin.Forms Before AidPlex Tasos was a software developer at Prisma Electronics S.A. He is passionate about tinkering and music.

Argiris Mouratidis full-stack dev/software engineer. An Information and Communication Systems Engineering Graduate from the University of the Aegean. Mainly worked with c #, java, and python during his university studies in both academic and personal projects. He has professional experience in Web and Mobile Applications, using asp.Net, asp.net core, Xamarin.Forms, having worked at Prisma Electronics S.A. He loves problem-solving, learning new technologies, and playing with IoT.

Find out more about AidPlex

Website: aidplex.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aidplex/