evenTIZ Live Stories by Alexander Innovation Zone [15 ‘Talk + 10’ Q&A]

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evenTIZ  [15 ‘Talk + 10’ Q&A]

Alexander Innovation Zone organizes a series of short web Live Stories called evenTIZ, where distinguished experts, entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world inspire us on the fields of #entrepreneurship #innovation and # creativity.

evenTIZ Live Stories by Alexander Innovation Zone is addressed not only to start-up founders (startuppers) but also to all those who “flirt” with the idea of business.

The innovation of this initiative of AΙΖ, lies in the fact that these short events [15 ‘Talk + 10’ Q&A] aim to inspire restless business minds of our country, to offer substantial and “concentrated” knowledge through a direct and unconventional way that brings the audience closer to the speaker.

evenTIZ Live Stories by Alexander Innovation Zone Live Stories started in December 2020. The inauguration was done in the best way by the genius Greek serial entrepreneur Apostolos “Toli” Lerios, who talked at the 1st evenTIZ on December 16, 2020.

EvenTIZ take place on Wednesdays and at least once a month at a specific time [17: 00-17: 25]. Participation is completely FREE and open to the public!

You can watch all evenTIZ on our Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for our next evenTIZ!

Upcoming evenTIZ Live stories

evenTIZ Live
  • Christine Lerios– Business and Marketing Consultant, “Failing with Integrity”
    10th March 2021, 17:00.  You can register here
  • Nikos Kalliagkopoulos, Partner, PrimeVentures, “Fundraising”
    31st March 2021, 17:00

Past evenTIZ Live stories

  • Apostolos (Toli) Lerios – Serial Entrepreneur – “From Vision to Market Entry”
  • Dr. Nansy Mallerou – Business Coach – “Emotional intelligence in the age of entrepreneurship”
  • Panos Papadopoulos- Partner, Marathon VC– “How to enhance your mindset focused on continuous development”.

Don’t miss the chance to join us !!!

Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. is the managing organization which was established in order to organize, develop and promote Thessaloniki Innovation Zone.

More information about the events: https://www.thessinnozone.gr/

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