Dataways & Cisco | In the webinar aftermath: “How to achieve multi-layered ICT Security for your organization”

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Dataways & Cisco organized a very successful webinar where a purely technological audience (IT Managers, CIO’s, CSO’s…) had the opportunity to learn about the utilization of the advanced capabilities of Cisco Cloud Based ICT Security solutions – No1 Security Vendor, and the power that comes from of a truly specialized team of engineers, in order to achieve multilevel security that can be dynamically adapted to its operational and financial capabilities at any given time (you can watch the webinar’s recording here).

Dataways & Cisco webinar panelists

The panelists, Mr. Eleftherios Tsakiridis, CEO of Dataways, Ms. Silvia Reis, Cyber Security Expert of Cisco and Mr. Stavros Salonikias, ICT Security Expert of Dataways, presented modern ways, approaches, solutions & practices of shielding any business operation from modern threats.

Eleftherios Tsakiridis: “The need for communicating and informing businesses, pushed us to conduct this webinar that refers to the MAIN VALUES of PREVENTION and High Availability. The experience and know-how that resulted from two decades of undertaking important and complex ICT implementations, led us in the last four years, to form a specialized ICT Security team with people of great experience and a very high educational background (PhD’s) “.

Silvia Reis: “Effective Security requires an integrated approach, with an infrastructure that is prepared to provide defense in depth across the various attack vectors. Most of the attacks are not made by brute force, neither targeted. Most of the attacks exploit the vulnerabilities in systems and people to create damage. So, visibility and integration are more and more crucial aspects to take in consideration while designing your cybersecurity strategy.”

Stavros Salonikias: “The online landscape is constantly changing with attacks now being Advanced* (targeted and coordinated, with a very specific purpose), Persisted* (if the attack fails the first time, we should not forget it and consider that we are protected) and of course Threats* now having great modern technical abilities to carry out the attacks. Traditional countermeasures are no longer enough and furthermore without the training and participation of the company’s users no measures are effective.”

Poll about the ICT security level

During the Dataways & Cisco webinar, participants also had the opportunity to answer a set of questions (polling) about the ICT security level and approach of their companies. The polling results are quite interesting as they depict an increase in understanding that security is directly related to a company’s ability to operate and also that a “security as a service” mindset greatly accelerates the adoption of the latest and greatest solutions available, all the while providing the company with the competitive edge of adjusting these solutions to its specific financial and operational needs.

You can check the summary of the results in the following video or download them in PDF here.

Should you have any questions about how your business can ensure its business continuity with Cisco & Dataways’ dynamic OpEx Cloud Based ICT Security solutions, you can always get in touch with us via email: ask@dataways.gr, via our webpage: dataways.gr or via our social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

*APT’s = Advanced Persisted Threats | Term to describe the new age – sophisticated – online threats – link.