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skg.code is an educational program that is addressed to students, as well as graduates of IT departments and related faculties, with little or no work experience. It is a work simulation where participants work in a group project under the guidance of programmers and psychologists .

skg.code was created in 2018 out of frustration as an alternative to standard job interviews for entry-level candidates. The conclusions that can be drawn from a 30-minute interview with a candidate under stress are -in fact- inconclusive. skg.code allows to get to know candidates in depth, to draw safe conclusions and at the same time to give them a chance to enrich their CVs.

Why skg.code

skg.code tries to fill the gap that exists between entry-level candidates in the IT sector and the minimum requirements demanded by IT companies for their respective positions. It provides training and evaluation in basic technical and interpersonal skills with the ultimate goal of culture-based recruitment & soft skills training and evaluation.

The upcoming skg.code 6th cycle starts in April 2021. In just 5 runs we have received more than 700 applications, while a very large percentage (75%) of participants (~ 50 people) say that the knowledge gained from the program helped them find a job.

Our participants

Eugenios S. is grateful that he was -by sheer chance- informed about this program and is now working for an IT company. After graduating from the School of Surveying Agronomists at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and starting a postgraduate course in the Department of Applied Informatics at UoM, he applied for a spot in the program.

“I remember the first day we entered the room to get started, and we were told that, you know, you are not here to learn to write code, but to learn how to work as a team in a work environment. This was a shock to me. In time I realized all the benefits; that for example technical issues can be solved with personal work only. But the rest? ” he ponders.

The story of Giannis K., a graduate student of the Department of Applied Informatics at UoM, had an unexpected turn where from a participant in the program he ended up… becoming a mentor!

“It is a great program because it gives young people the opportunity to learn what it is like to work together in a team. It’s like a job simulation that does not require prior experience. It was a huge opportunity for me to leave school without any work experience and to attend the program and then integrate into a company now as a regular employee. My role as a mentor in the next skg.code was to help the new participants as much as I could and to guide them through the various problems they may have encountered during the project and to solve any questions they may have”, he explains.

skg.code helps IT companies with their recruitment process

It is now well known that companies that strive for a great work environment, education and company culture are more profitable and offer greater job satisfaction than those that do not. These criteria are often not clear, or they are not taken into consideration during interviews, neither by the company nor by the candidates.

skg.code provides the opportunity for cultural fit hires, with emphasis on educating and evaluating participants in interpersonal skills that are important in the IT sector. Being a programmer does not necessarily mean being antisocial or incomprehensible. Much like programming, interpersonal skills are skills that a person can practice, learn and become better at.

skg.code can support companies by training / evaluating candidates or existing staff in important interpersonal skills, in order to shape or improve their collective identity and culture. At the same time, graduates of our program are certified by skg.code, and are available for hiring after their training.

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There is an image that has been circulating on social media lately, it is a text going in circle that says “I can not get a job because I do not have experience because …” so that if you read it continuously and realize it’s a vicious circle, that is, there are strict criteria for entry-level candidates, which rely heavily on technical training, that by definition a entry-level candidate does not possess.

By participating in skg.code one can develop their technical skills, but also learn those skills that no one teaches us throughout school and university, the so-called interpersonal skills. The purpose is for skg.code participants to obtain the required skills to stand out in an interview.

Our two cycles for 2021 will run in April and October, while the applications for participation open each time about a month in advance. You can apply through our site at: https://www.skgcode.gr/

Coming up next…

Since our programs are only available to pre-selected few applicants, we are looking for a model so that skg.code is available to anyone interested in participating. This will probably be the biggest challenge for 2021.

Other than that, we love to experiment! With every new program, we try out something new. It’s a never-ending circle of improving our process.

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