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ImpediMed a global SaaS medical technology company, hyper-focused on helping healthcare professionals gain in-depth, actionable data about their patients’ health. As the leader in bioimpedance spectroscopy, our digital solution is used around the world to help clinicians deliver better patient outcomes. With offices in the United States and Australia, ImpediMed’s software innovation office is based right here in Thessaloniki!

Our Technology & Product: Digital Health Solutions

SOZO® Digital Health Platform combined with our portfolio of software assessment applications connect critical health status data to healthcare professionals, enabling intervention at the point-of-care. Our noninvasive, easy to use solution delivers results in less than 30-seconds and is utilized around the world in oncology, cardiology and other specialties to intervene when it matters.


Why Thessaloniki?

Basing ImpediMed’s Greece office in Thessaloniki allows us to tap into key technology talent. Our team consists of passionate and creative problem solvers who are empowered to excel. The thriving Thessaloniki technology community, which includes innovators and dynamic thinkers, has been able to address our unique talent needs and advance our mission to deliver actionable data and improve healthcare. That is what sets Thessaloniki apart.

Working at ImpediMed

There are three reasons why you should consider ImpediMed:

1.  You are passionate about building and delivering digital experiences to help improve patient health.

2.  You thrive in fast-paced, high-growth and collaborative environments.

3.  You are motivated to utilize your knowledge, develop your skills, and grow your career.

At ImpediMed we create innovative solutions to improve patients’ lives

A few words about ImpediMed from Dr. Anastasios Diamantopoulos, Director, Software

“Our European office in Thessaloniki is solely responsible for the Software Development of SOZO® product. The team is comprised of passionate and talented engineers, working on cutting edge technologies such as,

•  ReactJS and Java for Frontend development utilizing the most advanced Software Design Patterns (i.e., MVVM)

•  NodeJS and MySQL for Backend development utilizing AWS microservices to deliver a secure SaaS product through Continuous Integration (CI) process.

What drives the passion and the engagement is the powerful feeling of fulfilment working on state-of-the-art technologies to provide better care for cancer survivors through our Lymphedema Prevention Program and our SOZO® device. The world’s most advanced, non-invasive bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) device, able to provide healthcare professionals a precise snapshot of fluid status and tissue composition in less than 30 seconds.  Furthermore, our technology’s applicability extends to other therapeutic areas such as heart and renal failure.

At ImpediMed we value our people and we work hard to make sure that everyone is enjoying the journey.  We cultivate a culture of open communication, inclusiveness, and respect, that encourages, supports, and celebrates diverse voices.

Working closely with local universities and having an active internship program makes ImpediMed important part of the local eco-system.

At ImpediMed we create innovative solutions to improve patients’ lives

Check out our open positions on our website:  https://www.impedimed.com/about/careers/

Find out more about ImpediMed

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