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The Intelligent Systems & Internet Applications Laboratory (ISLABislab.iee.ihu.gr), which is one of the four research laboratories in the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering (iee.ihu.gr) at the International Hellenic University, facilitates, ever since its establishment in 2017, research on digital transformation.  

The ISLAB is mostly involved in the emerging and interdisciplinary field of Data Science that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions. Typically, data science uses complex machine learning algorithms to build predictive models. Areas of collaboration and research include information retrieval, recommender systems, natural language processing and understanding, computation intelligence, semantic web, image and signal processing, knowledge management, pattern recognition and intelligent tutoring systems.

The scope of the lab is to implement national and international research programs, offer high quality PhD programs in fields related to intelligent systems and/or internet applications, organize scientific lectures, meetings, seminars, conferences, publish high-quality scientific papers to disseminate research outcomes, disperse knowledge and know-how, and to cooperate with industry, public and private organizations alike.

The laboratory’s research and activities were presented in TechSaloniki 2022 by the Vice-President of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Professor Konstantinos Diamantaras and by the Director of the Research Lab, Professor Michalis Salambasis. The Ph.D. candidate and research fellow of the Department, Mrs. Marina Delianidi, who  coordinated the presence and promotion of  ISLAB’s work at the tech recruitment event,  organized, among other things, the participation of  “draive”  (draive.gr), a student-project led by senior student  George Makris aspiring to achieve fully autonomous driving by means of a platform that manages the entire training process while still being modular, highly efficient and viable for use in real-world scenarios. 

Other laboratory’s ongoing or recently completed research projects are:

  • NLP-Theatre – Innovative applications of natural language processing and digital media in theatre and performing arts. The aim of the project is to investigate new digital techniques and tools, offering the audience innovative, attractive, enhanced and, at the same time, accessible experiences.
  • Bell-Boy-Bot Robotic conversational agent (chatbot) for tourism”. Implementation of methods of personalized retrieval of travel information and development of a Recommendation System embedded in the robotic conversational agent in order to highlight the most popular points of interest of the traveler.
  • DoSSIER – is an EU Horizon 2020 ITN/ETN on Domain Specific Systems for Information Extraction and Retrieval. DoSSIER will elucidate, model, and address the different information needs of professional users.
  • Multi3Generation: Multi-task, Multilingual, Multi-modal Language Generation, Management Committee Member, COST Action CA18231 EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020. Multi3Generation aims to foster an interdisciplinary network of research groups working on different aspects of language generation (LG).
  • FRES–  Flexible Recommendation Systems for Big Data”. The project includes research, design, and implementation of a flexible package of recommendation software that can be adapted to the needs of companies operating in the widest possible range of retail and service sectors.

The Research Laboratory is open to collaboration proposals regarding research, the development of intelligent methods, algorithms, and applications in the wider field of intelligent systems.

Contact Details:

International Hellenic University

Department of Information and Electronic Engineering

P.O Box 141, GR – 57400, Thessaloniki, Greece

Contact Persons:

Professor Konstantinos Diamantaras, Tel: +30 2310 013592, diamant@ihu.gr

Professor Michail Salampasis ,Tel: +30 2310 013061, msa@ihu.gr

Ph.D. candidate Marina Delianidi, Tel: +30 2310 013603, d.marina@iee.ihu.gr

Website: https://islab.iee.ihu.gr