Internships in the Mediterranean

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Empiria Learning is a US based organization that promotes educational and cultural collaboration between the US, Greece, and Cyprus, through internship programs.

We bring students from top US universities to Greece and Cyprus to complete internships in a variety of fields, ranging from software and aerospace engineering and other high-tech subjects to environmental preservation, journalism, NGO’s, marketing and more.

We help our internship partners in the US, Greece, and Cyprus develop a fruitful collaboration throughout all stages, from application and selection, to intern supervision and final reporting.

Our students learn through participation, while they contribute significantly to the mission of their host organizations. With their knowledge and practice, interns enrich the culture of collaboration and enhance the spirit of creativity and productivity in their host institutions while they offer potential for future development.

At the same time, through several cultural immersion activities that we organize (trips, lectures, etc.), our interns become acquainted with the fascinating history and future potential of Greece and Cyprus as rising global players in business, research, and politics, and thus become global cultural ambassadors of these two critical US partners in the eastern Mediterranean.

Our programs aim to build strong and enduring bridges of collaboration between Greek and Cypriot companies and organizations, with students from US academic institutions who will play leading roles in their future fields and careers in the US, Europe, and around the globe.

If you would like to host interns from top US academic institutions and to become a member of this rising US-Hellenic partnership network, Empiria Learning is here to help build that bridge.

For more information, please check our website: https://empiriainternships.com

Email us and we will help you find the best interns that suit your needs.

e-mail: empirialearning@gmail.com

Dr. Nikos Michailidis      


Empiria Learning