Determined, hands-on, forward-thinking – that is consolut! We are an owner-managed international IT consulting company focusing on SAP, digitalization and cloud and operating services. As specialists in finance and logistics, we combine our deep understanding of business processes with sound IT and SAP expertise. In this way, we have been enhancing the performance capability and competitiveness of medium-sized companies since 1998.

Our 160 experts from a wide range of disciplines apply their experience and in-depth know-how with great passion to develop perfectly suited, forward-looking innovations. They always work close to our customers and are active in over 40 countries. We also have offices in Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Munich (Germany), Schaffhausen (Switzerland), Haverhill (US) and Thessaloniki (Greece). This makes us the ideal partner for international projects with personal support at the same time. 


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Job Openings


  • High-quality entry-level program with a structured sequence of training modules that build on one another 
  • Training courses by experienced experts impart well-founded theoretical knowledge and practical experience at an early stage 
  • Participation in an SAP consultant certification 
  • Career model with concrete opportunities for advancement and structured development paths 
  • Very well-equipped mobile workplace with modern infrastructure 
  • Possibility to work up to 100% mobile 
  • Little travel activity 



  • Learn how to increase digitalization for intelligent enterprises using state of the art technologies, frameworks and programming 
  • Develop hybrid solutions, connecting on premise systems with cloud systems, leveraging CI/CD principles 
  • Processing customer’s questions and providing solutions 
  • In your first year, you will learn the technical foundation that will enable you to explore new solutions, in order to further improve our customer’s business processes 
  • We encourage you to be curious, to observe, make mistakes, practice and learn 



  • Successful university degree in computer science or a related field 
  • Practical Experience in at least one of these fields 
  • Object oriented programming (e.g. Java, C#) 
  • Relational databases (e.g. MySQL) 
  • Web Technologies (e.g. JavaScript, XML, Web Services) 
  • Modern Technologies (e.g. IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Kubernetes) 


  • English at C-level according to CEFR 
  • Analytical and technical mindset 
  • Ability to work in a team, commitment, curiosity and initiative 



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