Geekbot exists to help people focus on the work that matters. Our easy-to-use app integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing teams to run standups, surveys, retrospectives, polls, and more, all on autopilot.The bot sends notifications in everyone’s local time zone while in-built AI monitors team well-being — and that’s why over 170,000+ users at the likes of GitLab, Netflix, and Shopify trust Geekbot to keep their office-based, hybrid, and remote teams in sync.Geekbot is headquartered in Cyprus, but the team works worldwide.

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Geekbot is co-shaping the future of work. We’re doing this by helping companies build a healthy remote culture, be more efficient and invest in effective collaboration.

For more than six years, we’ve worked with teams worldwide to make productivity and well-being a foundation of the workplace. And we’re proud to now help more than 170k users communicate with their teams, organize their working life, monitor their progress and free-up time to focus on work that matters.

Our prevailing principles revolve around team well-being and serenity in the workplace, be it physical or virtual. And while we’re a small team of 30, we kick ass: we’re cherry-picked subject matter experts, unicorns of engineering, UX/UI, product design, AI and marketing.

We like to innovate, move fast, make breakthroughs and take our product to a shining state of ‘almost perfect’.

If you’re the ideal candidate, here are three things you’d do for the team:

  • Develop yourself and get better at what you do every single day.
  • Support your teammates on their own development path.
  • Continuously grow our products (which, by the by, is how you achieve the first two!)

This “Spontaneous Application” is for anyone who wants to join our team but can’t quite find the right role. So if you feel you fit our culture and have what it takes to help us co-shape the future of work, we’d love to hear from you.


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