Tech Talk

Anastasios Karafyllidis IT Consultant/Sofware Engineer, PRODYNA

Techsaloniki is the only job fair in northern Greece which is specifically targeted to IT professionals. It has become quite well known in the city and among developers. It also attracts a lot of students from the universities.

Thessaloniki is a technology destination and the event supports our community not only to get to know companies but most importantly to exchange ideas & opinions on our technologies.

Although I did not search for a job, after my interview with PRODYNA during the event and after, I decided to proceed with this job offer. If I had to compare with other job fairs that take place in Thessaloniki I would definitely have to say that the advantage is the target audience.

Costas Malamas Managing Partner, Veltio

In the summer of 2016, at a meeting with other CEOs of IT companies in Thessaloniki, we all found ourselves bemoaning the fact that while we had vacancies which we had trouble filling, we also were reading news articles about youth unemployment in Greece and brain drain abroad.

It was obvious to all of us that the Greek labor market had failed to match supply and demand, driven in large part by the outdated popular perception of the Greek tech industry as dependent on the state sector and limited to the local market. We had to let our own community know that Thessaloniki has many innovative companies that develop cutting-edge technology and are competitive at a global level.

We then decided to break the cycle of misery and innovate not just in tech but in recruiting as well. We joined forces to both recruit and screen candidates at a joint, co-marketed event.
Techsaloniki #1 in October 2016, let us introduce ourselves to the local tech community and build a ‘market’ of sorts where both candidates and companies could compete to match the best person to the best position.
Along the way, we also realized that there are many more of us than we had even realized. And our own people told us that working together for the same goal and getting to know each other was even more fulfilling and valuable.

George Manolis CEO, Comquent

TechSaloniki brings together potential candidates with extroverted IT companies that offer job opportunities. In addition, it is an excellent venue for networking of all participants.

Comquent has participated in 4 events and hired over 50% of its employees through TechSaloniki!
We can’t wait to meet you at the next event.

HR Team, Prodyna

In 2017, we participated for the first time at TechSaloniki. Ever since, we are dedicated to support it!
It is one of the biggest TECH events in the town which make all companies and IT people come together.
In real time, you can interview people and test their skills which is not that common among tech events.

Lefteris Tsakirides CEO, DATAWAYS

TechSaloniki is a one-of-a-kind event that allows to the ICT Companies of Northern Greece to focus squarely on the complex – by nature – procedure, of identifying the right candidates for their organization at the right time!

This is the most important meeting of the year in the world of recruitment in Thessaloniki. The two-day event promotes the hiring and career development of all technology related individuals in a dynamic environment.

In Dataways, we fully support TechSaloniki, as we believe that acquiring the right talent for the right position is one of the key elements for a company in order to grow and thrive!

Nick Tsivranidis Founder, FOODTEC

From my point of view the mission of TechSaloniki is:

  • To increase the number of kids that go into Computer Science
  • To raise awareness of all the great jobs that exist
  • To get our universities to spend more resources on CS
  • To help new people become senior with practical training, classes etc
  • We should support and enhance existing structures rather than build new ones

Tasos Avramis Managing Partner, Datascouting

DataScouting has participated and supported all TechSaloniki events so far. TechSaloniki is today a trademark event for the city of Thessaloniki, having developed into the No1 skill matching event in information technology.

TechSaloniki aims at bringing together major ICT companies and offering jobs to talented people. We are pleased to be part of this event, joining efforts with fellow companies, offering opportunities and investing in new partnerships.

Dr. Dimitrios Doukas Country Manager Greece, NET2GRID

NET2GRID has participated and supported, for the first time this year, TechSaloniki, probably the top skill matching event in IT in Greece. Before attending we were thinking of TechSaloniki simply as an event to approach talented people.

It is with great pleasure that it was not just that, since it also unlocked possibilities for new partnerships and gave us the opportunity to brainstorm with fellow companies on how to help Thessaloniki emerge as an international tech destination.

Christos Charisiadis Java Developer, Travelfusion

This was the first time Travelfusion attended TechSaloniki. We got to speak with a wide range of talented candidates and in about 3 weeks after the event, we hired one new Java Engineer that we had the chance to recruit during this year’s TechSaloniki.

It’s possible that by the end of the year we will proceed with other candidates as well. We are definitely satisfied with the outcome of TechSaloniki and we’ll be coming back next year.

Stavros Tekes CTO, Draxis

Many thanks to #TechSaloniki for staying local and bringing us closer to the talent in our city! DRAXIS team already grew with the addition of two new members we had the pleasure of meeting during the event!

A special thank you to all the candidates that took the time to come by and talk to us! We hope that we will have many more opportunities to do that again! 

Finally, kudos to all participating tech companies and volunteers for bringing their positive energy and their unique insight and turning this weekend into an amazing experience! See you all in TechSalnoki #6

Sofia Ioannou Employer Branding Specialist , Stoiximan

We are happy to have participated and supported, as the key Sponsor, TechSaloniki, one of the most interesting open tech events in Northern Greece.

Very positive and fresh vibes from the participating companies, organizers and the hundreds of talented professionals we had the pleasure of meeting!

The participants level confirmed once again our strategic decision to develop one of the Stoiximan hubs in Thessaloniki.

Stelios Gikas CEO, noris

TechSaloniki is an innovative event that takes place in our city. Its uniqueness has to do with the fact that the event is TECH-oriented and that makes it the most important meeting of the year in the world of IT recruitment in Thessaloniki.

Although many Greeks -especially from the IT sector- have moved abroad in order to find a job, TechSaloniki is here to show that people do not need to leave the country to find better working conditions.

We are very glad, that we had the opportunity to participate in such an event, we interviewed many remarkable candidates and we are willing to support TechSaloniki #6 as well.

Charis Kouridis Business Development Senior Project Manager, emisia

New to the event we were impressed by the level of professionalism and excellent organization.

TechSaloniki aimed at the heart of an issue many companies face in Greece and we can testify that it provided an excellent solution.

We are glad we are now part of this innovative activity and we are looking forward working with TechSaloniki in any available opportunity.