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Our Mission

Our mission is to spread awareness about our growing ecosystem of world-class tech companies, create an environment of corporate synergy, and highlight the competitive career opportunities available to new graduates and seasoned professionals alike, growing Thessaloniki’s tech.

  1. The annual TechSaloniki 2-day event is the product of a shared vision to showcase the thriving tech industry of Northern Greece. Α collective effort of major IT companies trying to bridge the gap between unemployment and unfilled positions in Thessaloniki.
  2. The business culture of TechSaloniki supports people who want to excel in their tech career and makes sure that community building is a key that remains at the forefront.
  3. TechSaloniki screens lots of candidates each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential through a multi-step selection process, which has a typical duration of 2 days and involves assessment by both a tech-skills test and experienced recruiters.

Who We Are

  1. Connect the parties Bringing together IT Companies, start
    -ups, local authorities
  2. Engage the people Motivate Greek students and employees to pursue an internationl career in Thessaloniki
  3. Grow the Tech EcoSystem of Northern Greece Learn from each other and become stronger together
  4. Make Thessaloniki a tech-stination For major IT companies abroad, who want to expand their business in Greece

   Tech Impact

Why do we do it

What weachieved

Brain Drain

41% of young Greek professionals say they are willing to move to another country in order to find a job and better working conditions.


Only 15% of young Greek graduates are feeling optimistic about finding a new job within the next 6 months.

Devs Not Found

200.000 highly educated and skilled Greek developers below the age of 35 have left the country between 2010 and 2013.


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