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TechPro Fall2023 Bootcamp Launch

Committed to its vision for inclusive, innovative and targeted training on new technologies, and campaigning under the slogan “Program your Future”, TechPro Academy has launched on Monday, the 2nd of October, its Fall2023_Bootcamp in Front End, Back End and Data Science technologies.

Deloitte | Enabling all our people to thrive!

Η αποστολή μας καθοδηγείται από έναν σκοπό: «to make an impact that matters», που αποτελεί ταυτόχρονα τη δέσμευσή μας να δημιουργούμε αξία και να έχουμε θετικό αντίκτυπο στην κοινωνία, στους ανθρώπους και στους πελάτες μας.

Στην Deloitte, είμαστε “ALL IN”!

Πίσω από την εξασφάλιση των ίσων ευκαιριών και την καλλιέργεια ενός εργασιακού περιβάλλοντος που διέπεται από σεβασμό, βρίσκεται η στρατηγική ALL IN.

Security, the noris way

As our Architect, Panagiotis Kolokotronis, presented in TechSaloniki 2023, Paranoid as a Service there is security and then there is the noris way of doing things.

9+1 reasons to work @ QUALCO

However, QUALCO is much more than a tech company, constantly investing in its employees’ personal and professional growth, work-life balance, and well-being. But why explore your career path at QUALCO?

Altair | Building a Better Future 

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, Altair’s solutions surround you – keeping you safer, more connected, and more productive. They can be found in big places and small — on highways, hospitals, and hockey rinks, in stadiums, skyscrapers, and subways, and in banks, bikes, and boats.

UX MAkes the Difference

UXMA is a development partner for software and product development. What makes us special as a service provider and employer? The UX in UXMA.

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