Security, the noris way

noris network AG has 7 high-security data centers, all located in Germany, and specifically 4 in Nuremberg, 2 in Munich and 1 in Hof. We provide private cloud solutions in storage and hypervisors among others.

As our Architect, Panagiotis Kolokotronis, presented in TechSaloniki 2023, Paranoid as a Service there is security and then there is the noris way of doing things.

We have private fiber connections between our datacenters and on top we provide dark fiber infrastructure for our customer’s enhanced security and privacy (more details below).

Our data centers are separated in autonomous availability ones (power & fire / isolation), with physical security and access management running around the clock. Last but not least we provide physical isolation down to the rack level.

The distance between our locations ensures availability in all cases even in cases such as a man-made or natural disaster.

We provide our customers with private cloud solutions, where our customers can rely on us to provide know-how requirements of running a datacenter and cover around-the-clock operational needs of running hypervisors and storage clusters, which allows in return, our customers, to reduce the costs involved.

noris network AG also provides cross-datacenter VMWare clusters with vMotion to ensure immediate recovery in the case of an availability zone loss.

Concerning network connection, we offer redundant routing between DCs to ensure connectivity in the case of localized disasters, and our DE-CIX & N-IX enabled backbone of 48 Terabit/s, ensures maximum bandwidth and minimum latency.

Also, we offer unshared fiber lines dedicated to a single customer and we can ensure data privacy in-transit and isolation from performance impact from “noisy” neighbors.

Our datacenters have been using Kyoto cooling, a technology of passive cooling, to reduce its CO2 emissions, for the last 10 years, which allowed to win multiple awards.

We’ve also won the German Data Center Award for the Munich East data center in Munich-Aschheim, ranking first in the category “Newly built energy- and resource-efficient data centers”.

Now noris MIKE, is a wholly owned subsidiary of noris network AG and was established back in 2016. noris MIKE, is a Greek managed company based in Thessaloniki and provides services to noris network AG.

The services provided are operations in Windows and Linux, DevOps by utilizing the latest available technologies and development in Angular, Python, JS and its various frameworks and other related programming languages.

Our company continually expands and attracts new talents, so be sure to apply to our career opportunities with one of the great workplaces in Greece as ranked by its own employees since 2020.

The Great Place to Work® is not only a certification for us but it is confirmed every day in our working life!
Apart from the basic benefits we offer (performance bonus, ticket restaurant, private health insurance, soft drinks and of course coffee) our goal is to ensure a great culture for our people so they feel happy at work.

Everyone at noris has the option to decide which working model is more convenient for him (fully remote, hybrid, onsite), the freedom to organize his work and the flexibility in working hours.

Support and continuous learning could not be missed from our culture. Every request on trainings from our members is something more than welcome! The company is open to support any training that will develop its people and assist them to improve their skills.

At noris, we try to spend time together and of course have fun!
In this way, we try to celebrate any important occasion which is related both with the company or other special occasion. For example, we have organized BBQ party at our offices, Christmas party, beach parties, paintball activity and we are getting ready for more…

in our headquarters in Germany are frequent and open to all!
We want to ensure that everyone has, at least once, the experience of data centers, physical interaction with our colleagues in Germany and working at our mother company’s premises.

Join our team!


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