DTS Cloud Security | Is your Company ”IT-REady” for 2024?

But how does a company ensure real IT security and modern, high-performance IT?

Digital transformation, regulatory requirements and cyber threats go hand in hand. This is not news. But how does a company ensure real IT security and modern, high-performance IT?

DTS Cloud Security shows you the best methods to make your company “IT-ready”. 

Security Check & IT Audit: An important first step

Security and health checks, along with audits, are the first steps to ensure safety and performance. A security check looks at whether a company is protected from possible threats. It examines networks, software, locations, and other aspects. On the other hand, a health check assesses the overall condition or performance of infrastructures, IT systems, or applications. This helps identify weaknesses early on.
During an IT audit, systems, infrastructures, and processes are checked for compliance. This assessment helps pinpoint issues and offers recommendations.

Penetration Tests & Continuous Assessments: concrete attack scenarios to strengthen defenses 

Penetration testing and offensive security assessments go one step further. As part of these methodologies, real attacks on your IT systems are carried out or simulated. The result is real-world resilience to actual, targeted attacks. Through testing and assessments, you can ensure that your security measures are effective and potential security vulnerabilities are disclosed in a timely manner and remedied in clear roadmaps. In addition, they form the perfect foundation for a holistic security strategy. If carried out regularly, your security measures will be continuously optimized. This collaborative approach enables greater understanding, more precise protection, and consistent defense.

Workshops: training & solution concepts from real experts 

Workshops bring great added value because they provide space to develop very specific strategies. Whether cloud workshops, infrastructure workshops, security workshops, day workshops or deep dives lasting several days – analyzing the current situation and then developing tailor-made ways and means are essential.

Security Awareness Training: building a human firewall

In addition to the strategic level, it is also important to take the operational level into account. Training and further development of employees is particularly crucial in IT security. No matter how good the concepts and solutions may be, the “human factor” must be your strongest firewall. This is the only way a company can be truly sustainably protected from internal and external threats. Every employee should be aware of the current threat situation and be aware of the dangers, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of security incidents. 

Our tip
Decision-makers often acknowledge the need to implement IT measures, adjust strategies, and concepts to make their own IT more prepared for various requirements. However, the challenge is often daunting. What weaknesses does the company have? Where should they focus their efforts? What should be prioritized? What policies does the company need to adhere to? What are the current cyber risks? We’ll pick up the thread for you because that’s exactly our specialty. As real tech experts with clear ideas for solutions and on the market for 40 years, we are happy to accompany you on your entire IT journey. We are also happy to offer checks, assessments, workshops, training, further advice or support and holistic all-in-one services that also protect the budget and human resources. 

“IT ready for 2024”? We think beyond that, we think “One Step Ahead”!


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