After graduating from IT, the choices, and paths which you can follow are many and choosing the right IT career can seem like a pretty “challenging” task, even to engineers.
One possibility that one should take into consideration nowadays is the profession of “QA Engineer” that came to stay, since this role is becoming more and more essential for quality software development. Software is a complex product that develops rapidly. No matter how good and experienced the developers in a project are, there is always the need for a person (or a team) who will have the role to ensure that in every step, the software is in line with the needs and standards of the company.
In addition, QA’s contribution to product analysis and error detection at an early stage of a project’s development ensures fewer design modifications later and a better code quality. This means that at the end of the day the customer gets what he wants in the best quality and at the predetermined time. For this reason, at Onelity, we choose to place a professional QA Engineer in each of our projects, to offer specialized services to our end customers.

The tasks that a QA Engineer performs daily are many and complex and therefore require multiple organizational skills and a detailed mindset. On a typical day, a QA professional is required to deal with the following:
• Collect the necessary information about the objectives of a project
• Set quality standards for the development team
• Perform tests, manual and automated
• Detect bugs and other problems of the application and communicate them to the development team
• Research and propose solutions to the various issues that arise
• Follow up with the development team to ensure that the necessary corrections are made to the software
• Create test plans, test cases and necessary documentation
• Ensure that the product meets the specifications
• Manage the release’s process

From the above it is clear that a QA Engineer stands between the technical and the business part of the software development and a wide set of skills is required to be able to manage the day-to-day tasks.
If all this sounds fascinating to you and you think you could see yourself in
this role, you should ask yourself if you have the following characteristics:

1. Eye for detail. You are observant and emphasize on detail. You like order and symmetry. You are the person who tests constantly, every hour and minute: whether you place an order online, stand in a queue waiting for your turn, or just read a document, you will find the bug if it exists. Your OCD may sometimes turn red, but this may be an advantage, should you wish to become a QA Engineer.

2. You have excellent communication skills. You like being with other
people, talking and trying to come up with solutions. You work better as part of a team than on your own. You inspire trust and camaraderie.

3. You are a techie. A QA Engineer may have a supervisory role, but this does not mean that you are afraid to work hands on code or databases. Depending on the project and the team, a QA Engineer can write code, do code reviews, and use testing tools and frameworks for test automation

4. You are constantly building up your skills. You may have an academic
background in computer science or a related field, but this alone is not
enough. You are trying to expand your skills with online courses, participation in QA / testing bootcamps, obtain certifications such as ISTQB, for which Onelity is an official training provider with approved training seminars by GRTB.

5. You like challenges. QA is all about the challenge. You are not easily
satisfied, and you always push things in the direction that will make them
better. One could say that you are a perfectionist, but again… you know that
you can do better!
Does all this sound familiar? If so, then you need to consider whether the next choice in your career will be in QA and Test Automation. Whatever you decide, do not hesitate to contact Onelity for more advice and information about QA, testing and much more, we are waiting for you!
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