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More than three decades ago, it was the passion for Computer Aided Engineering that motivated a team of engineers and their supervising professor to position their solutions in the world of engineering simulation. Today, thinking in the same way and keeping their ideas intact, BETA CAE Systems continues the same path to deliver cutting-edge engineering simulation technology.

The Engineering Simulation Industry

The engineering simulation industry is a rapidly growing segment that drives innovation and cost reduction, by substituting a big proportion of physical tests, and by modeling concept systems on computers to comprehend their behavior. As the sector continues to expand, it enhances the performance of the offered software and expands the portfolio of offered solutions. Examples of dominating current trends in the market involve:

– Generative design processes that assist in designing optimized definitions of new products,
– Augmented and virtual reality technologies that are also incorporated in cooperation practices,
– Machine learning and artificial intelligence implementations that further speed up the research and study for alternative product designs.

Our role in the Simulation Industry

Operating in the Engineering Simulation market BETA transformed the Simulation and Analysis world by introducing revolutionary automated software tools and practices into CAE for the Automotive Industry, from the starting days of the industry three decades ago. Today, BETA has 16 offices around the world, employs more than 600 people and services more than 3000 customer sites. Our worldwide network is supplemented by 8 independent business partners.

At BETA we believe that simulation is more than a tool to serve our disposition to understand how systems behave. Simulation has made progress on its own to become the stage for the evolution of the most sophisticated creations of man, through revolutionary products. We think that Simulation offers to human creations what evolution to nature, by fast-forwarding trials and errors, imitating the real processes, environments, and experiences.

Simulation helps us break the wall of traditional trade-off thinking. We now don’t have to sacrifice quality to save time and costs. Simulation makes sure to offer such insights on new product creations to simultaneously increase quality, reduce time while saving money and resources doing so.

Thus, at BETA CAE Systems, we concentrate our efforts on helping our customers achieve their vision for their creations. We’ ve centered our mission on developing the right software tools to help the industry avoid tedious tasks and concentrate on engineering, thinking, and envisioning.

Our mission is to lead in achieving the industry’s vision for more simulation, more accurate results, in less time, and with reduced costs.

Our software products

The company is well known for its flagship suite, which comprises KOMVOS SDM-console, ANSA pre-processor, EPILYSIS FEA solver and META post-processor. This suite, and SPDRM, the simulation-process-data-and-resources manager, are being used across a range of industries, including automotive, railway vehicles, aerospace, motorsports, chemical processes engineering, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, power tools, and biomechanics. The company’s product line is complemented by RETOMO, a software that transforms CT-scan images into tessellated 3D-models, NEERE, the remote working and collaboration platform that brings together everyone, anywhere at any time, and DEEN; the application, developed to be used by both CAD and Simulation engineers to review designs and simulation results directly on the 3D model. Our more recent new products, ANSERS and FATIQ come respectively to analyze and compare results from simulation and physical testing, and predict the life expectancy of mechanical structures.

Nurturing new talent

The leading market share our products hold in the field, combined with the increase in the employment of engineering simulation, continuously increases the demand for engineers with knowledge of our software suit. For this reason, BETA also engages in partnership with engineering schools and universities around the world. Such collaborations equip students with practical knowledge and exposure to the most recent developments and software tools in the field. This both serves the industry by increasing the supply of young knowledgeable talent, and helps graduates hit the ground running in the growing simulation market.

We also do our best to support enthusiast students who create or join existing teams in global competitions on engineering. Such competitions involve formula, aerospace, electric racing and eco racing teams. Joining their side as sponsors we actively seek to offer a helping hand not only financially supporting the teams but also training their members to gain an extra edge by employing the latest technologies in engineering simulation.

Additionally, we offer numerous positions for internship. This way, students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills, acquired from their studies. Students get the opportunity to cooperate closely with our experienced engineers, work in real life projects and endeavors, but also get ready to land a job position right after their studies and hit the ground running in a competitive, demanding, yet rewarding industry.

Being a member of the BETA team

In BETA our engineers pride themselves on creating, offering, and supporting cutting-edge engineering simulation software tools and innovative solutions for top clients and global leaders in numerous industries. They travel around the globe to join events and meet with engineers in sites of renowned customers to present our latest developments and listen to their needs. Being part of a cutting edge and competitive global community, they are always on the front line of technological developments and are also part of this exciting community.

We at BETA acknowledge that our people are the most important asset in our business, we cultivate a culture based on teamwork, respect, recognition, and inclusion, and we trust our people to improve and reach their potential.

Working with BETA CAE Systems, means being a part of an environment that motivates people to succeed. Colleagues are encouraged to continue to grow their expertise, through a continuous improvement process, by being exposed to challenging problems that create value to the top players in many industries.

Recognizing that work plays an important role in our lives, in BETA we nurture a working environment that places much importance on finding the work-life balance that will let our colleagues progress professionally towards self fulfilment while same time maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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