TechSaloniki #5

5-6 Οκτωβριου
Αποθηκη Γ'

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#TechSaloniki The Hours

Networking & Screening Day Sat 05.10.2019

Interviews Day Sun 06.10.2019

#TechSaloniki The Workshops

LET'S TECH TOGETHER Sat 05.10.2019

Microservices using Spring Boot and Angular

Organized by

1h 30mins

Christos Manios

We are going to develop a small Spring Boot REST application which uses Angular as a frontend and MySQL database to store its data.


The attendees have to bring their own laptop and have the following software installed in their machines

  • Git (Windows users: Git for Windows with Git Bash enabled)
  • Java (version >= 8)
  • Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse
  • Visual Studio Code
  • NodeJS (version >= 10, LTS preferred)
Does your CV compile? Let's run it together!

Organized by

1 hour

Kalliopi Zampafti, Vassilis Roufanis Talent Acquisition Specialists

What does Stoiximan team look for when checking CVs? What are the common mistakes you should avoid when compiling your CV? In this interactive workshop, we will go through best practices and useful tips to help you transform your resume into a powerful tool that will get you interviews.
We will work together on your existing resume, uncover weaknesses and commence writing a new, keyword-rich and professional resume.


Don’t forget your CV!

Documentation: A developer friendly approach

Organized by

1 hour

Panagiotis Kolokotronis Software Engineer

Openness and the ability to easily onboard new members is a strong characteristic of a good development team. Follow our journey as we try, fail and learn the importance of implementing a 'Developer-first' documentation approach.

Developing in Cloud: Build a financial service with Salesforce

Organized by

1 hour

Menelaos Radisis & Georgia TsakaSalesforce Developers

Description to be added.

Designing safety critical real time automotive systems

Organized by

1 hour

Panagiotis Mylonas Embedded Systems Engineer


  • The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the fundamentals and the basic concepts of developing safety real-time systems for the Automotive industry.
  • At the end of the workshop, attendees will become familiar with:
    Embedded Real-time systems
    Definition of Safety and why it is important
    Fundamental safety mechanisms and methodologies.

After presenting the required material, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in practice with the system design of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Use Case: We will design the system architecture of a Front Light Management ECU.

#TechSaloniki The Speakers

LET'S TECH TOGETHER Sat 05.10.2019

  • #MeetOurTeams

    The Stoiximan Story Sofia Ioannou, Employer Branding Specialist, Stoiximan

  • #MeetOurTeams - Once upon a time… Pelagia Papoulidou, Vice President, Customer Engagement,

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Kenotom – Embedded Engineering Excellence Vasilios Vasilikos, Managing Partner – Senior software engineer, Kenotom

  • #TechTalk

    Angular with Redux & WebSockets Stratos Vetsos, Senior Software Engineer, Stoiximan

    What technics does Stoiximan use to achieve scalability and maintainability on real-time data? In this talk we will go through state management in Angular applications, WebSockets full duplex communication over TCP, TimeTravel With Redux, Utilizing observables in web sockets connection and data retrieval, Optimizing data manipulation edge cases by utilizing ngrx selectors, always following Angular 8 best practices.

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Emisia - Conscious of transport's impact Charis Kouridis, Business Development, Emisia

  • #TECHPanel - "Stay Local, Grow Global"

    Meet our CEOs

    Costas Malamas- Veltio
    Nikos Karamoschos-Infodim
    Konstantinos Stroumpakis-Apifon
    George Manolis-Comquent
    Lefteris Tsakiridis – Dataways
    Tassos Avramis-DataScouting

  • #TechTalk

    What would a CEO think of your CV George Manolis, CEO, Comquent

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Consolut – The Future of ERP Systems! The Future of your career? Maria Steka, Panagiotis Prodromidis, SAP Consultants, Consolut

  • #MeetOurTeams

    We TechCare@Deloitte Riccardo Russo Director of Consulting, Deloitte

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Let’s talk about noris Stelios Gikas, CEO, noris

  • #TechTalk

    Working in the current and future automotive challenges Konstantinos Kandylas, Embedded Systems Engineer, KENOTOM

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Stoiximan Technology at a glimpse Ahmed Mehdi, CTO Technical Assistant

  • #TechTalk

    A day as an interworker Anastasia Kaitanidou-Head of Company Operations, Stella Psarianou-Senior Business Analyst, Theofilos Kaleridis-Senior Software Engineer,

  • #MeetOurTeams

    Apifon – Powering Innovation through Messaging Chris Stergiopoulos, Marketing Coordinator, Apifon

  • #TechPanel

    Veltio: Consulting Stories around the Globe Andreas Tsagkeras, Argyris Vartholomeos , George Tsilinikos, Sofia Gialama, Spyros Neofytos, Victoria Siner, Maria Rammou

  • #TechTalk

    Meet Smart Job Hub Tasos Lytos, PhD Candidate & Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Assistant Professor

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