UX MAkes the Difference

UX MAkes the Difference

UXMA is a development partner for software and product development. What makes us special as a service provider and employer? The UX in UXMA.
The user focus and our agile approach not only have a positive influence on product success, but also on our corporate culture. We are a diverse bunch of specialists who really know what they’re doing. Each one in his or her own field. But we’re not just top-notch in terms of expertise, we’re also top-notch in terms of people. We support each other, push each other, learn from each other. No elbow mentality and no departmental thinking.

Waterfall and departments – things of the past

In many projects, a classic picture can often still be seen: The customer has a list of requirements, which he/she hands over to the design. The finished design is then handed over to development, which is then busy implementing what was specified to the best of its knowledge and belief. There is a risk to project success in the separate sequence of requirements, design, and development because it is only about completing a deliverable without benefiting from insights or interdisciplinary skills along the way. Both the design and development processes have changed in recent years.

Design-driven development

In design-driven development, the primary goal is to learn from requirements more quickly and to define them cleanly – not in isolation, but as a product team. True to the motto: “Learn fast”.

The close and interdisciplinary collaboration of designers and developers in a product team is structured by Scrum and Kanban and unnecessary iterations are eliminated. Rapid testing and the response to product requirements by the entire team enable solutions that stand on a valid foundation, raise fewer questions in development and, above all, are visible more quickly than in a two- or three-week rhythm. When all expertise is involved and participates in the success of projects, this promotes team spirit enormously.



Speaking of Team spirit 

Working time is living time and we all want to spend our time with people we like very much
and with topics we are passionate about. Our common values such as trust, appreciation and
transparency are carried and lived by everyone, from the intern to the managing director,
without exception.
Everyone has individual requirements to be able to work optimally. Whether office or home
office, part-time or full-time, early bird or night owl. We allow you a very high degree of
flexibility and trust for a good work-life balance. Several team events a year and our cross-site
collaboration strengthen our togetherness and the UXMA team spirit.
You can find out more about our corporate culture and further benefits on our website or on
glassdoor. Or you can see for yourself and come by our office in Thessaloniki.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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