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Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Our technologies are woven into the fabric of everyday life. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, Altair’s solutions surround you – keeping you safer, more connected, and more productive. They can be found in big places and small — on highways, hospitals, and hockey rinks, in stadiums, skyscrapers, and subways, and in banks, bikes, and boats.  

For nearly 40 years, Altair has helped companies make smarter decisions in an increasingly connected and complex world by saving costs, reducing waste, accelerating time-to-market, improving business performance, and evolving to a data-driven culture. Our scientists, engineers, and creative thinkers are the brains behind some of the world’s most revolutionary breakthroughs. 

Altair Greece – At a Glance  

Altair Greece was established eleven years ago in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has since grown into a burgeoning office of around 100 employees. Our offices in Athens and Thessaloniki feature great minds working to make an impact on a nation that’s been a hotbed of innovation and progress since antiquity. At Altair Greece, we’re proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and sustainability while enjoying a healthy work-life balance. Our passionate team has no borders, which is why we work globally to solve our customers’ toughest challenges. 

“Being an Altair employee makes me feel like family. The most valuable thing about Altair is the reliable colleagues and our friendly, united team. Here, you always feel the joy of working with great people and have the freedom to grow and learn new things every day.” – Eftychia Siarinoudi | Office Administrator 

Our Competitive Advantage: Broad Portfolio of Comprehensive Solutions

The evolution toward a smart, connected everything is changing the world and Altair is leading this evolution. Our simulation- and AI-driven approach to innovation is powered by our broad portfolio of high-fidelity, physics-based solvers, best-in-class technology for optimization and HPC, and end-to-end platform for developing AI solutions. 

Our Solutions Include: 

Design and simulation: Our platform spans numerous disciplines and can simulate structures, motion, fluids, thermal, electromagnetics, electronics, controls, and embedded systems. The offerings also provide AI solutions and true-to-life visualization and rendering. 

Data analytics and AI: This platform includes data preparation, data science, MLOps, orchestration, and visualization solutions that fuel engineering, scientific, and business breakthroughs. Our robust, AI-powered Internet of Things (IoT) solutions streamline smart product development. 

HPC and Cloud: Our HPC platform maximizes the utilization of complex compute resources and streamlines the workflow management of compute-intensive tasks for applications including AI, modeling and simulation, and visualization. 


Sustainability is one of Altair’s driving values, which is why we’re transforming enterprise decision-making by leveraging the convergence of simulation, AI, and HPC so organizations can drive quicker, smarter, and greener outcomes. By helping customers develop products and processes that reduce carbon emissions, utilize fewer resources, generate less waste, and stay useful longer, we’re doing our part to ensure a cleaner, safer, greener future for all. 

Life at Altair 


Our Values 

Our values have been at Altair since the company was established and are in our DNA. Our four values fuel the way we innovate, the way we collaborate, and problem solve, the way we communicate effectively, and the way we embrace diversity. We don’t just talk about our values, we live them. 

  1. Envision the future: We follow a long-term vision that transforms markets and creates new opportunities for a sustainable future without boundaries. 2.
  2. Communicate honestly and broadly: We share information transparently to ensure broad awareness, engagement, and collaboration. We believe sharing knowledge is crucial for solving problems and fostering innovation. 3.
  3. Seek technology and business “firsts”: We solve our customers’ challenges by being “first” to deliver cutting-edge technology and business solutions fueled by our innovation, market strategy, and talent. 
  4. Embrace diversity and take risks: Our employees’ diverse perspectives and experiences are a competitive advantage for us, and help us innovate, problem-solve, and achieve endless possibilities. 

Altair Global Academic Program  

Altair supports educators, students, and researchers by offering access to its comprehensive package of industry-leading technology that ranges from simulation and multiphysics software to data analytics and AI technology. At Altair, we believe the convergence of simulation, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will transform the world. And while this era of convergence is only beginning, today’s students will grow up in a world where it’ll be in full effect. We want to prepare teachers and students alike for this coming transformation.  

Request your license now 

Student Teams  

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders – the creators, innovators, and visionaries that will work to create a sustainable world. That’s why it’s our mission to equip every student with the software tools they need to succeed and create a better future. 

We offer free simulation and data analytics software to students currently enrolled at any educational institution, and to student teams participating in competitions. Additionally, we provide countless resources for self-learning and support. No matter your needs and specialization, we have the solutions that will help you get the job done. Don’t miss out – request your license here 

Altair Greece Internship: Jumpstart Your Career Here 

 Altair Greece offers a paid 11-month internship program for students or recent graduates that will help you make an impact and jumpstart your future. Here, you’ll play a critical role in helping us turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s opportunities.  

Why join us? 

  • You’ll get the freedom to explore technical trends, breakthrough technologies, and meaningful projects that will have a real-world impact. 
  • Altair provides an inclusive rewards package that features competitive wages, remote work and flex time, and opportunities to advance your career. 
  • We believe that empowering each authentic voice encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve created a culture where our diversities and experiences are embraced and essential to our success. 
  • Collaborate and partner with our top global innovators and engineers on up-and- coming trends, and the newest, most advanced technologies on the market. 
  • Grow and learn in our development program designed to enhance leadership, communication, and professional skillsets. 
  • Team up with other interns and Altair’s best and brightest to build your professional network in a fun, inclusive, supportive environment. 



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